Cultural Empowerment

Exodus-"The journey through the earth, sweat, vision and distance.

Is there a destination?  Luis L Lopez

La Vida Es Incredible (Life Is Incredible) 

"The wonder, mystery and challenge of carrying on your back who you are." Luis L Lopez

Rapture:"Diving into the mouth of the volcano with no fear and no wings."  Luis L Lopez

Atlas: "Moves the earth, the sun gives him force and power."  Luis L Lopez

Mujer de negocios: "Tabulating the spheres of the universe - mastering the structure of resolve."   Luis L Lopez

Mexican Family: "The fixation of tomorrow beyond."   Luis L Lopez

Decomposed Reality

Hombre Viejo: "Almost invisible and transparent...we are just passing through."  

Luis L Lopez

El Cristo de la Galeria: How do you get in?  

Luis L Lopez

Cristo Campesino: De la tierra. (From dust to dust.)  

Luis L Lopez

El SueƱo del Nahual: From what ancestral folder of my mind did you arrive?"  

Love is not enough: An inside scream, eternally disconnected from the distance of my gaze will feed the day in you."  Luis L Lopez

Broken Still Life: Nocturnal feasts, the night and the sea...a feeding frenzy."

Captured Dreams: And tired eternal waves come to the shore to revive a gift from the land."  Luis L Lopez

Forest on Fire: A song of wind and fire and the leaves are dancing."  

Luis L Lopez