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Cultural Empowerment

Updated: Nov 26, 2023


Oil on canvas

I started my journey to this country in the mid-70s. I was fortunate to acquire the skills to express myself through visual arts. I created the Cultural Empowerment section to be able to talk about the stories that have affected me and shaped my conception of humanity, reinforcing my deep respect and appreciation of my culture and also the people who emigrated and worked for the betterment of this country without forgetting their powerful roots.


I created a series of 12 paintings in 2010 with the subject called “Americanos” based mainly on the Mexican American experience of immigration. I will be highlighting four paintings in this series.


Oil on canvas

The journey through the earth. Sweat, vision, and distance. Is there a destination?


Oil on canvas

He moves the earth. The sun gives him force and power.

Iron Frame

Oil on canvas

American Dream

Oil on canvas

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