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Luis Lopez in La Prensa

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Luis L Lopez’ love of culture and respect for history, combined with his dedication to fine arts for over 40 years, has led to many commissioned paintings, murals, and sculptures.

He is able to transfer his vast production of work to 3D structures for public and environmental art that Lopez creates to enlighten and share his experience with humanity. Lopez’ work can be found in private collections, institutions, universities and in various publications. His images fulfill and entice the imagination using materials that are ecologically-friendly to embrace the environment. He improves his skills to create a language that is understandable with the hopes of leaving a legacy for future generations. ​​With success, he built his iconic art studio in San Antonio,”La Casa Rosa”. Lopez continues to produce and exhibit his powerful artwork and captures the interest of art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Lopez created the Tobin Hill Arts Alliance and initiated the 2nd Friday “Art on the Hill” art walk in San Antonio, a grassroots effort. Under his supervision, various venues and galleries displayed art and sculptures from over 600 local artists. His efforts have resulted in attracting attention to the historic community and revitalizing the neighborhood.

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