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Orgullo Tejano/ Texan Pride

In October 2021, I was selected by the COSA Department of Arts & Culture to create two public art sculptures: one at the Old Highway 90 Legacy Corridor & SW 37th Street, and another at the Downtown River Walk Public Art Garden. These sculptures are designed to capture history, culture, music, and celebration.

"Orgullo Tejano" ("Texan Pride") was conceptualized and fabricated to pay tribute to our Tejano musical traditions and cultural roots, serving as a significant landmark in the Westside of San Antonio.


My vision for this project was to foster a deeper connection with the rich legacy of Native Americans in the new world. The vibrant and towering three-dimensional stainless-steel sculpture, adorned with handmade mosaics and located on Old Highway 90, alongside a smaller version with the same theme located downtown, provides and reclaims a sense of belonging within San Antonio's diverse tapestry of cultural assets.


On March 26, 2024, at 1:00 PM, the City of San Antonio's Public Arts Division will host a special presentation to recognize my contributions as an artist and to celebrate "Orgullo Tejano."

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