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For the first time in my life, I feel secure enough to share my inner feelings about my life's work, to analyze it, and to share in words what I have visually created. I feel that I have used words only as a primary survival tool. It is not easy to duplicate the same feelings in two different vehicles of linguistic expressiveness.

I would like to define and talk about the main elemental forces that drove me to create my latest (visual) journey (in my visual trip). I will try to be simple and straight-forward about the facts, but the sweetness of this discovery makes it difficult. The colors of my newfound palette are taking over my brain, and there is no stopping it. I would like to talk about a topic that has affected the world we thought we knew and, no doubt, changed all modes of human understanding.

COVID immersed me in a world of isolation, but it was much more than that. As time progressed, my colors became muted, so I succumbed to using only black and white. My subjects became complex, so I felt I was mutating into a new universe.

Being stifled, not able to speak, touch, or communicate, finally opened the gates I needed to change skins, reinvent myself, and start listening to those new voices. My new series "Mutations" is the door to a future with a clear sky, bright colors, and a new sense of reality. For now anyway!

"Mutation"—a regression into time and space! Pencil drawing on paper.

See some of Luis's New Works Here

Browse some of Luis body of Artworks Here

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